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Ascending Neurons 2023 split-GAL4 lines

posted on 2023-07-21, 18:52 authored by Ryo Minegishi, Barry J. Dickson, FlyLight Project Team

This data set consists of central nervous system fluorescence images of Drosophila melanogaster driver lines and their genotypes. It includes raw confocal image data in Zeiss LSM format, along with H5J-compressed alignments to JRC2018, movies, maximum intensity projections (MIPs), and color-depth-encoded maximum intensity projections (CDMs). 

Split-GAL4 AD and DBD combinations were designed by RM & BD and screened in initial split combinations crossed by Janelia's Fly Facility, and dissected, antibody labeled, and imaged by FlyLight. Images were scored by RM and successful AD/DBD combinations were made into stable lines by the Fly Facility and imaged again by FlyLight. Full genotypes are listed for each line. 

These split-GAL4 lines were used in support of https://doi.org/10.1038/s41593-023-01281-z . In association with that work, other processed and aligned FlyLight images were made available at https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/S8AMKU


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