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Dataset of position tracking in 2AFC experiments supporting publication: "Dissociable contributions of phasic dopamine activity to reward and prediction"

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posted on 2021-08-09, 20:12 authored by Josh DudmanJosh Dudman, Wei Xing Pan
A dataset collected to study mouse decision making and in particular whether exogenous stimulation of midbrain dopamine neurons can act as a discriminative cue or can directly bias decisions - relating to the paper "Dissociable contributions of phasic dopamine activity to reward and prediction".

Briefly, mice we placed in an enclosure with two reward ports located on a wall. The box was controlled by our hardware and software called Behavioral Control System (https://www.janelia.org/open-science/behavioral-control-system-box). We then used real-time tracking of mouse position (simple blob detection) to store trajectories of the mouse during the behavioral task. Associated code focuses on extracting these trajectories and analyzing choice behavior according to which port a mouse approached across a family of experiments with different combinations of cues (ontogenetic stimulation, room light, auditory tone).