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Near-isotropic, reconstructed volume electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) of Interphase COS-7 cell (jrc_cos7-1a)

posted on 2024-03-05, 14:23 authored by CellMap Project TeamCellMap Project Team, Melanie Freeman, Harald HessHarald Hess, David P. Hoffman, Andrew Moore, H. Amalia Pasolli, Gleb Shtengel, C. Shan XuC. Shan Xu

Sample: Wild-type, interphase COS-7 cell (ATCC CRL-1651)

Sample Description: Near isotropic FIB-SEM imaging of cultured, wild-type, interphase COS-7 cell (ATCC CRL-1651). Imaging acquisition reconstructed using Hess Lab software.

Protocol: High pressure freezing, freeze-substitution resin embedding with 2% OsO₄ 0.1% UA 3% H₂O in acetone; resin embedding in Eponate 12.

Contributions: Sample provided by Melanie Freeman (Infinimmune) and David Hoffman (10x Genomics), prepared for imaging by H. Amalia Pasolli (Rockefeller), imaging by C. Shan Xu (Yale), with post-processing by Gleb Shtengel and Harald Hess(HHMI/Janelia).

Acquisition ID: jrc_cos7-1a

Voxel size (nm): 4 x 4 x 4 (x, y, z)

Data dimensions (µm): 25.4 x 6.0 x 4.1 (x, y, z)

Imaging start date: 2016-11-05

Imaging duration (days): 7

Landing energy (eV): 400

Imaging current (nA): 0.25

Scanning speed (MHz): 0.400

Dataset URL (Redirect): https://data.janelia.org/odOKA

Visualization Website: https://openorganelle.janelia.org/datasets/jrc_cos7-1a

Publication: Xu et al., 2017; Xu et al., 2021