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Non-preferred contrast responses Figure 2 composite receptive field

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posted on 2021-10-12, 21:58 authored by Michael ReiserMichael Reiser, Eyal Gruntman, Sandro Romani, Pablo Reimers
Files to generate Figure 2 from "Non-preferred contrast responses in the Drosophila motion pathways reveal a receptive field structure that explains a common visual illusion"

To generate the figure run Figure2Code from the directory after adding the "supportingFunctions" folder to your path.

## Files and variables

The files were generated with matlab r2020b

### singleBarStT4.mat

This file contains a structure with all T4 cells responses to single bar flashes

Each field in the main structure contains the results from one cell organized supportingFunctions
5 fields:
.result - contains raw and processed recordings in a 4-D array
(position, duration, width, value)

.positions - the positions that were assayed for the cell (before alignment)
.durations - flash durations that were assayed (in secs)
.width - bar widths that were assayed (in LED pixels)
.vals - bar contrast that was assayed

These can be used as a reference to the .result field.
Note! the first and second dimensions for the result array are larger by one to include summary statistics

### singleBarStT5

Same as above only for T5 cells

### Figure2Code

Matlab script for generating figure 2, with all the necessary calculations

See related materials supporting this publication in the collection at: https://doi.org/10.25378/janelia.c.5629663.