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Non-preferred contrast responses Figure 4 illusory motion

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posted on 12.10.2021, 21:58 authored by Michael ReiserMichael Reiser, Eyal Gruntman, Sandro Romani, Pablo Reimers
This directory includes files to generate the data panels from Figure 4 from "Non-preferred contrast responses in the Drosophila motion pathways reveal a receptive field structure that explains a common visual illusion "

To generate the figure run Figure4Code from the source directory

## Files and variables

The files were generated with matlab r2020b

### allT4MinMotFirstComp.mat

This file contains 3 matlab variables

#### allMMTable

A matlab table referencing all the minimal motion stimuli that each T4 cell was presented with and the corresponding single flash stimuli that compose it used to index into the results structure

#### allSBTable

A matlab table referencing all the single bar flash stimuli that each T4 cell was presented width (used originally to simulate linear summation of the response)

#### minMotSt

matlab structure containing results from all the cells that were shown minimal motion stimuli. each field contains recordings from one cell, while the stimuli for each cell are organized by the index in allMMTable. (e.g. minMotSt(1).result(10) corresponds to the first cell in the table stimulus index 10)

### allT4MinMotFirstComp.mat

Same as above only for T5 cells

### Figure4Code

Matlab script for generating data panels in figure 4

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