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ShuTu: Mouse Purkinje cell confocal images 63X

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posted on 27.11.2017, 19:15 by Nelson SprustonNelson Spruston, David Hunt, Dezhe Jin, Ting Zhao, Rachel Pearcy, Ching-Lung Hsu

Here we provide images of the mouse Purkinje cell (63X) for practicing reconstruction using the ShuTu software platform. The cell was imaged by David Hunt in the Spruston Lab.

ShuTu (Chinese for "dendrite") is a software platform for semi-automated reconstruction of neuronal morphology. It is designed for neurons stained following patch-clamp recording and biocytin filling/staining. With an additional preprocessing step, it can also handle fluorescence images from confocal stacks.

Even when there is only a single neuron in the imaged volume, automated reconstruction is tricky, because of background. Thus, ShuTu was developed to facilitate a two-step process: automated reconstruction, followed by manual correction. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to perform the automated reconstruction, as well as a convenient user interface to facilitate efficient completion of the reconstruction via manual annotation.


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