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Data for A Connectome of the Adult Drosophila Central Brain v1.0

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posted on 22.01.2020, 20:29 by C. Shan Xu, Louis Scheffer, Stephen Plaza, Michal Januszewski, Zhiyuan Lu, Shin-ya Takemura, Kenneth Hayworth, Kazunori Shinomiya, Jeremy Maitin-Shepard, John Bogovic, Philip Hubbard, Dagmar Kainmueller, William Katz, Peter H. Li, Nicole Neubarth, Philipp Schlegel, Erika R. Neace, Christopher J. Knecht Jr., Chelsea X. Alvarado, Dennis Bailey, Samantha Ballinger, Jolanta A. Borycz, Brandon Canino, Michael Cook, Octave Duclos, Bryon Eubanks, Samantha Finley, Nora Forknall, Audrey Francis, Gary Patrick Hopkins, Emily M. Joyce, Sungjin Kim, Nicole A. Kirk, Julie Kovalyak, Shirley A. Lauchie, Alanna Lohff, Charli Maldonado, Emily A. Manley, Sari McLin, Caroline Mooney, Miatta Ndama, Omotara Ogundeyi, Nneoma Okeoma, Christopher Ordish, Nicholas Padilla, Christopher Patrick, Elliott E. Phillips, Emily M. Phillips, Neha Rampally, Caitlin Ribeiro, Madelaine K. Robertson, Jon Thomson Rymer, Sean M. Ryan, Megan Sammons, Anne K. Scott, Ashley L. Scott, Aya Shinomiya, Claire Smith, Natalie L. Smith, Margaret A. Sobeski, Alia Suleiman, Satoko Takemura, Iris Talebi, Dorota Tarnogorska, Emily Tenshaw, Temour Tokhi, John J. Walsh, Jane Anne Horne, Ruchi Parekh, Patricia K. Rivlin, Vivek Jayaraman, Ian Meinertzhagen, Gerald M. Rubin, Viren Jain
This is data generated by the FlyEM project at Janelia and our collaborators at Google. It contains the connectome (neurons and their connections) of a large fraction
of the brain of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, and the means to access this connectome.

This data is associated with the paper, BIORXIV/2020/911859, "A Connectome of the Adult Drosophila Central Brain" by C. Shan Xu, et al. published 22 January 2020. This is version 1.0 of the data; improved versions are expected to become available as research continues.

The data can be found at:


Howard Hughes Medical Institute



Janelia Research Campus