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Fly Brain Anatomy: FlyLight Gen1 and Split-GAL4 Imagery

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posted on 2022-10-10, 22:44 authored by Geoffrey MeissnerGeoffrey Meissner, Aljoscha Nern, Zachary Dorman, Gina M DePasquale, Kaitlyn Forster, Theresa Gibney, Joanna H Hausenfluck, Yisheng He, Nirmala Iyer, Jennifer Jeter, Lauren Johnson, Rebecca M Johnston, Kelley Lee, Brian Melton, Brianna Yarbrough, Christopher T Zugates, Jody Clements, Cristian Goina, Hideo Otsuna, Konrad RokickiKonrad Rokicki, Robert Svirskas, Yoshinori Aso, Gwyneth M. Card, Barry J Dickson, Erica Ehrhardt, Jens Goldammer, Masayoshi Ito, Dagmar Kainmueller, Wyatt KorffWyatt Korff, Lisa Mais, Ryo Minegishi, Shigehiro Namiki, Gerald M. Rubin, Gabriella Sterne, Tanya Wolff, Oz Malkesman, FlyLight Project Team

This data set, made available by Janelia's FlyLight Project Team, consists of central nervous system fluorescence images of Drosophila melanogaster driver lines, aligned to standard templates, and stored in formats suitable for rapid searching in the cloud. 

The above link leads to raw confocal image data in Zeiss LSM format, along with H5J-compressed alignments to JRC2018, movies, maximum intensity projections (MIPs), and color-depth-encoded maximum intensity projections (CDMs). Data is organized by image collection and by line, and is intended for bulk or programmatic access. 

To browse image data by release, line, and biological sample, please visit the following sites.