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Hormaphis cornu bicycle genes characterization script

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posted on 01.03.2021, 19:29 authored by Aishwarya Korgaonkar, Clair HanClair Han, David Stern
Code used in analysis of Hormaphis cornu bicycle genes identification and characterization, associated with the publication: "A novel family of secreted insect proteins linked to plant gall development" by Korgaonkar et al. (2021), bioRxiv https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.28.359562

This code generates figures 3A, 5A-E, 6A-D, S4A-H, and S5A-F.

Please contact Clair Han at hanc@janelia.hhmi.org with questions.

Abstract of Associated Publication:
In an elaborate form of inter-species exploitation, many insects hijack plant development to induce galls—novel plant ‘organs’ resulting from dramatic reprograming of plant cell biology. Insects induce galls by introducing unidentified molecules into plants. Here we identify an aphid gene, determinant of gall color (dgc), that is genetically associated with variation in a gall phenotype, providing the first example of an insect gene implicated in gall development. Dgc encodes a BICYCLE protein, a new family of secreted proteins. Bicycle genes are strongly expressed specifically in galling aphid salivary glands, suggesting they control many aspects of gall development. Bicycle genes have experienced unusually strong diversifying selection, consistent with their potential role controlling gall development in a molecular arms race between aphids and their host plants.