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Janelia Workstation Codebase

posted on 24.05.2019, 15:39 by Konrad RokickiKonrad Rokicki, Christopher M. Bruns, Cristian Goina, David Schauder, Donald J. Olbris, Eric T. Trautman, Rob Svirskas, Jody Clements, David Ackerman, Antje Kazimiers, Leslie L. Foster, Tom Dolafi, Mark Bolstad, Hideo Otsuna, Yang Yu, Todd Safford, Sean D. Murphy
The Janelia Workstation is a neuroscience discovery platform for processing, analysis, annotation, and sharing of large-scale 3d microscopy data. The Workstation supports the FlyLight and MouseLight team projects at Janelia Research Campus. This software is made available under the license and usage agreement found within the codebase.




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