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Non-preferred contrast responses unified model implementation and simulation

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posted on 12.10.2021, 21:57 authored by Michael ReiserMichael Reiser, Eyal Gruntman, Sandro Romani, Pablo Reimers
This directory includes files to simulate model responses to different stimuli from "Non-preferred contrast responses in the Drosophila motion pathways reveal a receptive field structure that explains a common visual illusion " and produces many of the results of figure 3 in the manuscript.

To generate the figure run modelFigureCode from the source directory

## Files and variables

The files were generated with matlab r2020b

### optTables.mat

This file includes 4 matlab tables containing the optimization results for the T4 and T5 averaged cells (cardinal and diagonal cells averaged separately)

Each table contains the model parameters along with quality control statistics

### modelFigureCode

Matlab script for generating model simulated responses to single bar flashes,
moving bars, moving edges and minimal reverse-phi stimuli.

- To explore different parameter sets change the iteration number on line 6
- To explore diagonal T5 results or T4 results change the optTab in line 9
- Note! when loading T4 parameters t5_simple_wrap should be changed to
t4_simple_wrap (lines: 60, 122, 123, 185, 186, 259, 260)

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