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Rachel Lee

BioImage Data Analyst


  • Quantifying stretching and rearrangement in epithelial sheet migration
  • Label-free cell tracking enables collective motion phenotyping in epithelial monolayers
  • Microtubule disruption reduces metastasis more effectively than primary tumor growth
  • Microtentacle Formation in Ovarian Carcinoma
  • Design Projects in Undergraduate Heat Transfer: Six Examples from the Fall 2007 Course at the University of Arkansas
  • When light meets biology – how the specimen affects quantitative microscopy
  • Collective cell migration over long time scales reveals distinct phenotypes
  • Tubulin Carboxypeptidase Activity Promotes Focal Gelatin Degradation in Breast Tumor Cells and Induces Apoptosis in Breast Epithelial Cells That Is Overcome by Oncogenic Signaling
  • Data for: Quantifying topography-guided actin dynamics across scales using optical flow
  • Quantifying topography-guided actin dynamics across scales using optical flow
  • Distinct roles of tumor associated mutations in collective cell migration
  • Collective cell migration has distinct directionality and speed dynamics
  • Real-time scratch assay reveals mechanisms of early calcium signaling in breast cancer cells in response to wounding
  • Lysophosphatidic acid regulates the motility of MCF10CA1a breast cancer cell sheets via two opposing signaling pathways
  • Data from: Inferring single cell behavior from large-scale epithelial sheet migration patterns
  • Multivalent ions control the transport through lysenin channels.
  • Controlled gating of lysenin pores.
  • Single-Cell Tracking of Breast Cancer Cells Enables Prediction of Sphere Formation from Early Cell Divisions
  • Label-free Cell Tracking Enables Collective Motion Phenotyping in Epithelial Monolayers
  • Elevation of Cytoplasmic Calcium Suppresses Microtentacle Formation and Function in Breast Tumor Cells
  • Direct observation of the conformational states of PIEZO1
  • Propagation dynamics of electrotactic motility in large epithelial cell sheets
  • Inferring single-cell behaviour from large-scale epithelial sheet migration patterns
  • Dynamics phenotyping across length and time scales in collective cell migration
  • Quantifying topography-guided actin dynamics across scales using optical flow
  • The Mechanical Microenvironment in Breast Cancer
  • Distinct Roles of Tumor-Associated Mutations in Collective Cell Migration
  • Partial thermal imidization of polyelectrolyte multilayer cell tethering surfaces (TetherChip) enables efficient cell capture and microtentacle fixation for circulating tumor cell analysis
  • Mechanoactivation of NOX2-generated ROS elicits persistent TRPM8 Ca 2+ signals that are inhibited by oncogenic KRas

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