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Data and code supporting "Gene structure-based homology search identifies highly divergent putative effector gene family"

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Posted on 2022-07-26 - 13:16 authored by Clair Han

This collection contains relevant data and code associated with the publication "Gene Structure-Based Homology Search Identifies Highly Divergent Putative Effector Gene Family", Stern and Han, https://doi.org/10.1093/gbe/evac069. Homology of highly divergent genes often cannot be determined from sequence similarity alone. Coding sequence-independent features of genes, such as intron-exon boundaries, often evolve more slowly than coding sequences, and can provide complementary evidence for homology from sequence similarity. We applied a linear logistic regression classifier using only structural features and identified many putative homologs of bicycle genes in numerous species.

Please contact Clair Han at hanc@janelia.hhmi.org with any questions.


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