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Functional imaging data for ablation experiments in the zebrafish embryonic spinal cord

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modified on 2019-09-14, 19:08
Each data set in this archive includes a file named "profile.mat", which contains the time-dependent intensity signals of individual cells recorded by longitudinal calcium imaging (variable "profile_all", Ncells x Ntimepoints), their 3D spatial coordinates (variable "tracks_smoothed", Ncells x Ntimepoints x 3), their anatomical location in the developmental atlas of the spinal cord (variables "x": AP location, "y": LR location, "z": DV location, Nells x 1), and the absolute index of the most anterior segment imaged (variable "segOffset").

Data sets named "single_*" represent single-cut experiments and additionally contain information on the location of the transverse lesion (variable "segAblation").
Data sets named "double_*" represent double-cut experiments and additionally contain information on the locations of both transverse lesions (variables "segAblation_A", "segAblation_P").
The extensions "_before" and "_after" in the name of each experiment folder indicate whether the respective imaging session occurred before or after ablation, respectively.